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Matière Noire is a Paris-based creative studio leading new approaches to spacial design. Built on a network of parallel disciplines, our operation cultivates ambivalence, using observational methods to ground its intuitive impulses. Matière Noire is driven by an appetite for the undefined, the hypothetical, the intangible. Its process celebrates unexpected derivations, developing them into bespoke applications of cross-cultural collaboration.

20 rue Saint Sauveur 75002
+33 9 70 66 95 66

Spatial design studio
Light design

Three light sculptures accompany artists Gaspar Claus and Basile 3 on stage. Three presences that tell the story of light, interacting with each other and with the artists to the rhythm of their musical variations. Each sculpture offers three different light systems, enabling a multitude of effects: an indirect incandescent source, a wide-open beam that cloaks the stage, a tight beam that cuts through the space, modifying the volumetric perception of the room. Each light source can be controlled in intensity and focus, enabling complex light scenes to be composed at each live event.

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